"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."

— Anais Nin

Backdrop of Los Angeles at sunset with quote from Anais Nin


There’s never a dull moment at NRG, and here we share all the details. Go behind the scenes of our recent projects, get the latest news from the team and stay up to date on industry news.

Project Update:
Make-A-Wish Partners with Ronnie 2K

Isaiah, a 15-year-old boy from Daly City living with epilepsy and cerebral palsy, had his dreams come true with his very own basketball court built in right in his backyard. Thanks to Make-A-Wish and Ronnie 2K of 2K, NRG was able to help make his dream a reality.

Through help from our construction partners Isaiah can play on his beloved, custom Golden State Warriors court any time he wants.

Agency Update:
We're Certified Sustainable

In a rather wasteful industry, our mission at NRG is to eliminate such waste where we can. We have set up internal processes and do our part to maintain a sustainability promise not only to our clients, but to the world in which we live.

Last month we worked with the awesome team over at Culver City to complete a series of assessments to be a Certified Sustainable Business Innovator. Just one step we were able to take for the betterment of the environment!

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News Update:
Major League Pickleball

Pickleball has been growing in popularity for the last few years so much so that the league will be doubling the amount of teams and events in 2023's schedule.

The bigger and more popular the league gets, the more brands will start to find a way to be represented. That's one big thing we're looking forward to see and be a part of.

Project Update:
2K Foundations Expands to 5 Continents

In an effort to expand 2K and their community give back program globally, NRG helped identify courts and organizations to invest in across 5 continents - North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

Check out some of the projects we help bring to life this year.

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Project Update:
NBA2K23 Launch Event

NRG produced the official launch event for NBA 2K23 in downtown Los Angeles. As the first in-person event since NBA 2K20 before COVID hit the world, we knew we had to go big.

Filled with photo opportunities at every turn, custom content highlighting screens, curated art and artifacts, and live musical performances made it a night to remember.

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Blog Update:
Lets Do More Good

The world has changed; and consumer’s attitudes and buying behaviors have changed right along with it. Consumer’s expect brand behavior to pivot towards helping to solve current issues and to be part of a social and environmental solution.

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Blog Update:
Why Experiential Marketing

In a recent conversation amongst the core NRG team members, we dove into some self-analysis. We asked ourselves a fundamental question – why do we do what we do? As we peeled back each layer, we found more questions that needed answers.

Why, in the broad spectrum of the marketing and advertising world, do we believe in Experiential?

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Project Update:
Saints Reboot In Sin City

The long awaited Saints Row video game called for a big splash in the market. Our team did just that by creating the very town of Santo Ileso - the place where things get weird - right in the city of sin.

Check out all the details and how we brought this vision to life.

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