Man holding a magnifying glass up to his eye creating a visual representation of asking "Why?"

Why Experiential

In a recent conversation amongst the core NRG team members, we dove into some self-analysis. We asked ourselves a fundamental question – why do we do what we do? As we peeled back each layer, we found more questions that needed answers. Why, in the broad spectrum of the marketing and advertising world, do we believe in Experiential?

We dug deep, and with the help of a few IPAs, this is where we landed: We believe in experiential marketing because it represents more than just a passing moment. Events are simply moments in time, but experiences create an impactful feeling and a memory. Experiences inform you, engage you and shape you. At the end of the day…everything in life is learned through experience.

Karl Anthony Towns @ Sojourner Truth Academy
Entrance @ NBA 2K23 Launch Event

The Role Brands Play

Whether we’re conscious of it or not, we’re all on a personal quest to make sense of the world around us.

Brands that ‘help us make sense of it all’ are the ones who remain relevant and meaningful. Conversely, the brands that fail to help us make sense of the world around us, lose relevance and ultimately – they become meaningless to us.

We believe that strong brands stand for something, they have something to say, they have intended meaning. Ultimately, by crafting meaningful experiences, we keep brands relevant and allow them to connect and engage with consumers.

As experiential marketers, we at NRG seek to create authentic experiences that help people to understand what brands have to say. Only when people understand brands, will they ascribe meaning to that brand; and as we know, only meaningful brands will thrive!

Through the meaningful experiences that we create, people begin to understand what brands have to say, and how that message is relevant to them. To us, the key to this “understanding” doesn’t come from knowledge “about” the brand, but rather from experiences “with” the brand.

The November Project @ The North Face Speaker Series
Training Trainers @ The North Face Mountain Athletics

Knowledge vs. Experience

Although there is a connection between knowledge and understanding, there is also a big difference. Knowledge is knowing a marathon is 26.2 miles long; understanding comes from experiencing the wall at mile 22!

For NRG, experience has always been at the root of our ability to understand, and that’s why we are able to craft brand experiences that deliver meaning and allow consumers to have a deeper understanding of and connection to brands.

In Summary

Experience is not what happens to you, it’s what you do with what happens to you. Strong brands stand for something – they have something to say – they have intended meaning.

Through NRG designed experiences, consumers are able to gain understanding of brands that ultimately makes brands more meaningful to consumers.

And if this made you think
…then it’s been an experience in itself :)