NRG's Sustainable Promise
To Our Planet, Community and Clients

Over the last year, our team has taken a deep look at what we value and how we conduct our business. We have always prioritized sustainable business practices, but the truth is, we can do better. Coming out of the pandemic, it is with renewed fervor that we share our commitment to our planet, community, and clients.

Although we can't wait to get back out into the world to produce incredible experiences, waste is an unfortunate and undeniable byproduct of experiential marketing. So, we have developed the following list of key steps to lessen our environmental impact in everything we do. We aren’t always going to be sustainable saints, but we are going to try our best.

1. Appoint a Sustainability Manager to every production team

NRG will appoint a team member to monitor production and identify opportunities for more sustainable practices on every project. Did we arrange for recycling and compost? Can we use less plastic? Can we make the branding more reusable? Led by the sustainability manager, our team will ask the right questions to help clients feel good about their campaign’s impact on the environment.

2. Create a waste removal plan

Just like every event needs a work-back calendar and production plan, careful consideration of how to break down, store and dispose of materials post-event is also required. By creating a detailed post-event plan we can improve our ability to recycle, compost, repurpose and reuse materials. This plan also enables us to design proper wayfinding throughout a venue, instructing attendees to dispose of their waste appropriately, and ultimately increasing the number of materials recycled. A little extra planning can go a long way.

3. Design reusable branding and promotional items

So often, branding becomes automatically outdated by the inclusion of logos, locations, and dates which prevent pieces from ever being reused. Our designers will work with clients to create thoughtful branding plans which identify ways to maximize the number of reusable branding elements. Additionally, we will work with clients to develop more purposeful promotional items or gift bags avoiding less useful throwaway items. Not only is this good for the environment, but it also increases the client's branding ROI through multiple uses.

4. Seek local suppliers, vendors, and staff

There are so many benefits to engaging the local community in any event or activation. Perhaps most notable is the carbon footprint reduction by eliminating unnecessary travel. Decreasing the number of staff required to travel also saves considerable dollars which can be used to enhance the event experience. Using local vendors and suppliers can also save on significant costs and carbon emissions generated by shipping.

NRG has spent nearly 20 years developing a large established network of trusted partners in almost every major market across the U.S. and many internationally as well. Our experienced HR team is highly adept at building staffing plans which enhance our core full-time staff and utilize travel responsibly. Furthermore, local hiring is a great way to support communities where activations are executed by increasing economic impact. This also generates more goodwill with key authorities critical to permitting and logistics.

5. Go digital when possible

After years of nonstop Zoom calls, it seems like this goes without saying, but we cannot forget to decrease the use of paper waste. Paper forms, tickets, and advertisements can all be easily replaced with digital options. Many apps, QR codes, and web systems enable metric tracking and communication tools with attendees as well. Digital photo frames, backdrops and AI integrations create memorable and shareable event premiums for guests that they will carry everywhere on their smartphones.

We want to do our part...
We love this world too.

So, we commit to use sustainable event management practices to minimize the resources we use and lessen the impact on our environment and all who inhabit it. As we strive to keep waste out of landfills and use less water and energy, we vow to work with our clients to promote sustainable practices. We may not be able to do everything, but together we can amplify our impact.