"The least of things with a meaning in life is worth more than the greatest of things without it."

- Carl Jung

Backdrop of a snowy mountain with a quote from Carl Jung


We believe brands have the power to shape our world.

We empower their voices through the experiences we create by making the impossible possible. We produce and activate for brands we admire and whose values we share because we're fans of what we do.

We’re independent by nature, well-rounded and agile with the ability to switch gears quickly while maintaining our attention to detail.

You won’t find any prima donnas or politicians here, just people who craft great work, are kind, smart and fair. We eat healthy but enjoy our beers. We wear flip-flops to the office and don’t mind pulling 18-hour days when the project calls for it.

We’re not about drama...we’re about enjoying our time, our staff, our clients, and the work we produce.

We work hard and love what we do!

Our mission is to create, produce and deliver exceptional experiences for brands that have the ambition to push boundaries and challenge convention.

NRG Core Values

  • 01

    Be Kind. Treat others as you want to be treated.

  • 02

    Give a shit. Deliver your best.

  • 03

    Be brave. Be humble.

  • 04

    Stay nimble and agile. Nothing stands still.

  • 05

    We are independent and entrepreneurial.

  • 06

    Be fans of what we do, how we do it and our clients.

  • 07

    We are a team. Everyone matters.

  • 08

    Make every experience enjoyable.

Experience Is Everything

We provide a full service experience that makes our activations smooth and seamlessly integrated, including: creative and fabrication, staffing and logistics, shipping and storage, permitting and sales fulfillment, metrics and measurement.

It’s about having the right tools, literally and figuratively, to build proper solutions that work in the real world. Not just on paper. Knowledge is the difference - the kind of knowledge that only comes through experience.

Experience has taught us that to make a difference, you need to always focus on the detail, and we do. Because the only thing that matters is everything.

More On Our Services

Our Sustainability Promise

We are committed to developing more sustainable business practices. We may not be able to do everything, but we can do some things.

Here some key steps we take to make our work a little better for everyone.

  • Appoint a Sustainability Manager to every production team
  • Create a waste removal plan
  • Design reusable branding and promotional items
  • Seek local suppliers, vendors and staff
  • Use efficient travel
  • Go digital whenever possible
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