Mobile Marketing Tours

When we are on the road, we carry more than your product…we carry your brand. Mobile marketing tours are an impactful way to bring brands to consumers wherever they may be. We create mobile tours that are strategic at every turn.

RV, trailer or step van? Not all rides are created equal. Knowing what works when comes from experience. Our team has honed their skills crafting mobile experiences and sampling programs with the perfect recipe of locations, schedule and spark.

Vehicle Considerations

There are numerous factors that influence vehicle selection including: cost, size, functionality, distances to be traveled, terrain, storage, onsite set up and locations to be visited. NRG will source and design a vehicle that can be customized to fit your brand’s character and the specific needs of your tour.

Measure Success

Measuring success on your mobile tours starts with knowing what you want to achieve and what success looks like to you.

NRG works with you to construct key performance indicators from each activation that can include number of visitors, samples distributed, onsite sign-ups, social sharing and posts, onsite sales, and retail foot traffic.

We employ some of the latest tracking technology to provide you with accurate KPI numbers, not guesstimates.

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