Grass Roots Marketing

Nothing is more powerful than a brand that gives back to those in need. We connect brands with communities around the country to deliver what we call Gritty Philanthropy– purpose-built grassroots programs that leave a positive impact. If you’re ready to make a difference, we’re ready to roll up our sleeves to get the work done.

Community Engagement

Don’t just build a brand. Build community, too. We create community engagement programs that connect like-minded, passionate people around a shared purpose or goal. Not only does this galvanize a strong support system around a worthy cause, but also provides valuable marketing insight into what’s most important to your target audience. After all, the foundation of every community is people. And those people just so happen to be consumers, too.

Build Brand Loyalty

When done properly, you can expect a substantial equity rub from supporting a community. Add in the ability to amplify the results via social media and you’ve got an impactful combination. However, building a community takes time and to remain authentic it cannot be rushed.

In an ideal situation, the community and its goals should be aligned with the brand and its goals, without the need to force an integration. This is when the relationship really blossoms. The good news is that experiential-driven communication generates 50-80% of word-of-mouth buying behavior. Which means when you invest in building a loyal community, they’ll invest in you.

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