Field Marketing

Tried and tested, sampling provides an excellent way of connecting, informing and conversing directly with your customers.

It's a positive experience that sets your brand apart from the competition.

Direct Connection

Let NRG help you reach your specific audience by crafting the perfect combination of location, activity and timing.

A sampling tour is more than just handing out products. How the products are distributed and by whom are often the most memorable aspects. NRG prides itself on creating that unique context. Every part of a sampling activation is designed to support your brand’s specific narrative. People may forget what you tell them – but they will remember how you made them feel.

Brand Representation

Brand ambassadors are the face of your brand while sampling. Quite often, they may be the only time a consumer gets to directly engage with the brand, so they must be able to answer questions, engage consumers and be a positive brand advocate.

Successful brand ambassadors are friendly, relatable, and informed. NRG hand picks brand ambassadors based on key specifics to make sure that they are a match and can provide true representation for your brand.

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