Payday 3 media preview

The gang’s all here and they’re taking over. NRG helped Plaion Inc celebrate the launch of its PAYDAY 3 game, with an activation that brought guests face to face with the notorious PAYDAY gang.

what we did

The PAYDAY gang returns in the third installment of the popular PAYDAY series. To mark the launch, Plaion Inc asked NRG to create a one-day preview event that took guests inside the action of a PAYDAY heist.

NRG transformed the Weylin in Brooklyn, New York into the “New Williamsburg Savings Bank” and summoned influencers and media guests for a night they won’t soon forget.

After a welcome that began with champagne, a string duo, and remarks from the 'fictional' bank president, the activation took a thrilling turn. The PAYDAY gang cut the lights and a mock takeover ensued. Guests got in on the action, serving as hostages during the performance heist as the PAYDAY gang tried to crack open the safe of our faux bank.

Guests were rewarded handsomely with loot from the gang. Inside their “stolen” duffle bags, they received an exclusive mask, playing cards, a PAYDAY branded gold bar, and a bearer bond card to keep track of their participation in the event’s activations. At the end, completed cards were entered into a drawing, where one lucky winner received an ounce of real certified gold.

When they weren’t held hostage to the gang’s hijinks, guests were able to play a pre-released version of PAYDAY 3 and enjoy food, drink, and activities inspired by the game. The line-up included a safe race, heist hurricane, gold bar engraving and multiple photo opportunities to keep the social shares coming and the game trending. Because unlike a real heist, this one was meant to be noticed.


  • 65 videos taken / shared
  • 26 Safe Race participants
  • 50 Heist Hurricane participants
  • 70 bars engraved


  • Live, theatrical heist performed by professional actors
  • Custom branded elements to create the fake bank setting–including rugs, brochures and napkins– gave way to Payday elements like branded “gold” bars, money guns and signage
  • Game play area
  • Interview space
  • Photo opportunities, including 360 degree
  • Swag giveaways
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