Google Pixel WNBA All Star Activation

There’s no place like home, especially when it’s the Google Pixel House at WNBA Live. NRG created a house full of activations showcasing the Google Pixel phone in a real-life extension of the infamous “Greatest Watch Party” commercial.

What we did

At WNBA Live, the Google Pixel House was the place to be (and the Pixel, the phone to have). No phone was better suited to catch all the action of the WNBA All-Star Weekend than the innovative, performance driven Pixel. Inside the Google Pixel House, lucky fans got a chance to make themselves at home with the feature-packed device before the big game.

The Robot Co enlisted NRG to bring their star-studded “Greatest Watch Party” commercial to life at the WNBA Live Event and we delivered.

NRG set out the welcome mat for fans and athletes alike, starting with a custom infinity tunnel that dazzled with a kaleidoscope of basketball culture.

Each space provided an opportunity to showcase Google Pixel and Google Search capabilities through unique W-themed activations encompassing food, technology, art and fashion.

Enthusiastic brand ambassadors engaged fans throughout the journey. Among the highlights was the Google Gallery featuring basketball inspired art, plus a custom floral selfie wall and Google Lens station. In the Living Room, fans could kick back and relax while exploring the Pixel’s capabilities, including Google Translate and tabletop mode. The phone’s pro-level lens was also on full display with a 180-degree photo moment.

If fans needed to up their selfie game, a trip to The Player’s Closet had the hottest fashion. And to fuel up, Kelsey’s Counter served Insta-worthy bites.

It was every fan’s dream house, made possible by a dream device.

Offsite, we continued to serve the vibes at the VIP Players’ Lounge where athletes and partners could have a bite, chill out, play some games, re-glam up, and learn more about the phone.


  • ~4,000 attendees
  • 50 – 75 VIPs per day
  • 304 Photos taken in the 180 Degree Photo Op
  • 954 Pixel Photos Taken
  • 308 Pixel Photo Emails Sent to Guests


  • Sensory touch points spanning 5 key activations: 4 fan districts, plus a VIP lounge
  • Iconic aspects from the “Greatest Watch Party” commercial incorporated to thrill fans
  • Infinity screen entrance tunnel and photo moment measuring 12 x 12 x 36
  • Artwork by Caroline Blanchet, Drake Cereal, and Rashelle
  • 180-degree photo opportunity
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