Chalupacabra Truck Tour

In a dream come true for Saint’s Row fans, a real life Chalupacabra food truck hit the streets to bring a taste of Santo Ileso to three lucky cities. And in this experiential mobile marketing tour, it was serving up more than just food.

What We Did

After the successful media preview in Las Vegas of the Saints Row video game franchise reboot, the custom designed Chalupacabra food truck was far from finished. In fact, the video game’s infamous illicit crime “front” had a few more stops to make, much to the delight of fans. And there was no better place to drum up the buzz than 3 key events: Comic-Con, the Saints Row Mural + Launch Day, and the PAX West Convention.

Curious guests who approached the truck were prompted to scan a QR code on a menu sign, which directed them to a website. There they received the news­– this is a Saints Row takeover­– along with a code redeemable for a free branded gift at the truck. Enticing guests to engage longer, we prompted them to watch the entire Saints Row trailer to be rewarded with another code good for a premium branded item.

Overall, the activation and its guerrilla marketing tactics increased the game’s visibility and spread the word about its launch. Though the real-life Chalupacabra truck may not share the same illicit purpose as the video game version, they both achieved the same goal: building an empire.

The Impact

  • Stop 1: San Diego: Comic Con
  • Stop 2: Los Angeles: Saints Row Mural + Launch Day
  • Stop 3: Seattle: PAX West Convention
  • Over 6,000 total giveaways
  • 300,000 total potential reach from San Diego through Seattle

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Mobile Tour

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