Fortnite F1 Vegas Sponsorship Activation

What do you do when two cultural brand phenomenons come together in Las Vegas? You create a two-story multi-sensory activation.


Max Verstappen labelled the inaugural LVGP event “99% a show and 1% a sporting event”. While that breakdown may not have proven to be accurate - it was certainly a show!!

With over 315,000 visitors to watch the race - we wanted to create an experience that stood out in the crowd.

The two story structure was built to accommodate game play over both levels with lounge seating up top to take in the view.

Drawing on visual cues from both the game and the sport, the structure was finished in gloss black, with aerodynamic wings and animated airflow LED's.

A high gloss, custom pit wall downstairs completed the sleek look and housed six playable stations.

The structure became quite the selfie backdrop for avid game fans.